When Weldon Contractors began in 1984, we were heavily involved in the industrial market. We worked with end-users to solve problems of all sizes, as well as with other contractors to budget, estimate, and install industrial applications. We are the same company today. Whether it is plant expansions, renovations, or general maintenance and repair, Weldon Contractors is a prime industrial contractor through and through.

We're experienced in the following:

  • Aeronautics / Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Chemical Plants
  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy & Light Industrial
  • Manufacturing / Packaging
  • Paint / Plastics / Wood / Paper / Foam
  • Roofing Industry
  • Steel Mills / Foundries
  • Telecommunications / Data Centers
  • Waste Water

Nowhere is it more vital to have experience than in the industrial environment. Facilities like the above are constantly in production, and down times created by inexperience or mistakes are costly. Being able to work for these facilities on their schedule is extremely important. Often the only available time to complete maintenance or installations in a manufacturing facility is during a weekend or holiday.

An industrial contractor has the experience, not only to understand these demands, but to expect and prepare for them. Whether it is a Time & Material project, a fast-paced shutdown, or a larger, more complex project, our team of skilled craftsmen tailor each project to meet the specific requirements of the job and the facility. And with experience and teamwork comes efficiency and quality, thus saving the owner money and delivering a better product.