We mandate safety at Weldon, first and foremost, because those who work at Weldon have the right to feel safe at their job. Likewise, each employee has family or friends that rely on them to come home healthy every night, and that is a weighty concept. Accidents should not preclude a long and fulfilling life. A distant second to health is the cost of unsafe practices. Too many parts of a business can be affected by accidents. On-time project completion, overhead costs (which can affect certain job costs), and benefits provided to employees can all suffer when a company isn't safe. We issue our Safety Manual to every employee at Weldon. All employees are required to read it and sign a verification statement that it has been read and understood. But Weldon puts safety first, not just on paper, but in the field.

Things we do:

We provide two year-round safety incentive programs for field workers. One program assesses monthly and quarterly safety performance, and the other assesses year-end safety results. Year-end results are announced in front of the entire company to show and explain the importance of work safety. Weldon considers safety prerequisite. Safety is not something we do at Weldon, it is who we are.