Weldon's commercial division is just as utilized and respected today as its Industrial Division. We work with general contractors and owners at all stages to ensure projects are planned properly and executed effectively.

Commercial markets attract a lot of competition, but Weldon continues to win competitive bid jobs showing that we are very competitive when it comes to price, and with our attention to detail, quality, and trustworthiness, Weldon is an essential part of a commercial construction team.

Working as a Prime Mechanical, we not only create considerable savings for the owner, but we ensure a job well done by performing a majority of the work, therefore eliminating costly mistakes when working through multiple contractors.

Weldon Contractors commercial division works directly with established General Contractors who specialize in certain markets and have developed a market niche. This allows Weldon Contractors to work more closely with a limited group of GC's in certain markets and make more selective estimating decisions.

Weldon has also developed a reputation as an expert subcontractor in multiple arenas. Telecommunications, education, and the waste water industries are just a few examples of specific environments where Weldon is recognized for its extensive experience and expertise.

Recently, Weldon has been working on terminal renovations and improvements at Dallas Fort Worth airport. Also, Weldon recently finished the mechanical work on the Green Line for DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit).

To name a few examples of General Contractors with whom we team to bring Owners value-adding solutions:

  • Archer Western
  • Azteca
  • AUI
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Beck
  • Eagle Contracting
  • Hensel Phelps
  • McCarthy
  • Phillips/May
  • Red River