Big Construction with a Family Culture

Our People Are Our Culture

We make a conscious wager at Weldon. If we take care of our people first, excellent work will result and customers will be satisfied.

Workplaces have certainly changed over the decades. No longer can a company be successful without investing in good people, being honest with them, and making them a part of the decision-making process.

At Weldon we operate with  a “no secrets” mentality. From the directors to accounting, there should be no trickery or dishonesty with the decisions being made. We publish our company’s sales and expenses each year, and we make decisions in the open. Everyone at Weldon Contractors knows our mission, and everything we do should move us toward it. Such an open work environment is not as easy as it sounds. Extreme trust and faith must be put in one another or the systems breaks down. This means that people at Weldon must be consistent, positive, and honest at all times. A cornerstone of this plan is a TEAM environment.

We listen to all ideas, no matter from who. Yes, this can elongate the decision making process at times, but it ensures that all options are being considered.

We don’t have enough time to list the many ways we prove out our mission of taking care of our people, but a short anecdote about Phil Weldon, the founder of Weldon Contractors, helps illustrate the point. Phil’s bonus and salary always came last, and some years that meant he didn’t receive a bonus or his salary was lowered in order for others to get what he believed they deserved. Many people wouldn’t know these facts, but having lived with the man for 40 years, I watched it happen. Caring about your people can sometimes mean sacrificing yourself. I started in a mechanical service company decades ago, and now run both it and Weldon Contractors, and I certainly share the same beliefs that Phil did. We take care of our people first. 


Suzanne Weldon